Company profile Engaged in building a high-end motor manufacturer brand
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    building area

  • 420Over


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Suzhou Lego Motors Co., Ltd., engaged in building a high-end motor manufacturer brand, was incorporated in December 2006 in Suzhou which is a famous historical culture city in the economically-advanced Yangtze River Delta.

The Company serves as a high-tech enterprise and private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province;

The Company, based on the R&D of permanent magnet synchronous (servo) motor and high-end asynchronous special motor, has grown up to a major manufacturer for the special motor in fields inclusive of new energy vehicle, wind power, rail transportation and other high-power special equipment; in addition, we also stand at one of the distinctive motor manufacturer with highest growth potential in the automation.

Over the past ten years, we have been oriented by the customer demand, focused on technical innovation, attached importance to and constantly increased investment into the R&D, so that the Company is stabilizing its position in the industry as the leadership. In addition, over one hundred types of motor with leading position and industrial competitive advantages have come into formation, such as new energy vehicle, wind power rail transportation and automation, which has won over 130 patents successively and further facilitates to the sustainable and rapid development of the Company.

We emphasize long-term development and simultaneously reinforce a practical business attitude, and are pursuing of the higher cost performance, hammering at shaping good customer experience with outstanding quality, quick response and quality service. Furthermore, we believe that a trust from partners originates from the equality and integrity and employees may give forth to the sense of belonging and achievement under humanized management and science stimulation. Over the past ten years, we have been putting forward the company with excellent management concept. At present, there are three manufacturing plants with a building area of 35,000 m2 and over 420 employees (over 80 professionals); and our R&D centers spreads across Suzhou, Guangzhou and Beijing. Major cities in China are covered with our sales service network, which contributes to the sales income of RMB 650 million as of 2018.

We are sure of the significance of self-independent and innovative enterprises to support China’s long-term development, so our endeavor has been focused to putting forward LEGO to develop into a most valuable brand in the industry, with the mission of “technology to build up entity, return the nation with industry” so that LEGO could become a world known brand.