Lego Motors 2019 Wind Power Pitch Motor Maintenance Special Skills Training Ends


Recently, Lego Motors was invited by the Minister of the Gold Wind Technology Service Guarantee Department, Mr. Yan Shanglong, to give a special training of wind power pitch motor maintenance for the key personnel of the North Business Department of Gold wind Technology Service Center, and this training is Organized and coordinated by our marketing department, trained by our after-sales service department. A special high-quality maintenance and control skills training was held at the Baotou Maintenance Center of Ningxia Business Department of Gold wind Technology.

The training was taught by the Chief of the Department of after-sales department of Lego Motors, Mr Zhao yang, and also with the on-site training and guidance. In combination with the various maintenance cases and actual data of the pitch motor in recent years, the common problems and maintenance measures in actual maintenance were carried out from various aspects. In-depth analysis, using easy-to-understand words to let technicians understand and master the judgment and countermeasures of motor faults in wind power pitch motor maintenance.

The technical training is rich in content and practical, and it is not only a skill improvement, but also a work promotion, expanding the design ideas and laying a solid foundation for further follow-up technical work. Participants listened carefully, recorded in detail, and conducted interactive discussions on the difficult issues in the explanation. Everyone benefited a lot. I believe that in the future work, we will be able to combine theoretical knowledge with work practice to further improve work efficiency and quality.