LDS series low inertia (permanent magnet) servo motor
Performance characteristics
• Excellent torque to inertia ratio, extremely high speed response
• Excellent smooth operation characteristics
• Almost free from cogging effect
• Level IP65 of protection, selection for natural wind, air cooling or water cooling
• Capability to stop at a high speed
• High overload capacity
• Several types of encoder, which may be provided according to the customer demands
• Optional additional brakes

Typical applications
Packaging machinery, textile machinery, plastics machinery, special machinery
small robots, electronic CAM, testing equipment and other industries.
LGE series high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor
Performance characteristics
• Same size as the asynchronous machine, which can be easily replaced
• High efficiency relative to asynchronous machine seat number efficiency in IE4
(ultra high efficiency: GB1 level or above) above
• The standard model decreases by 1-3 seats relative to the asynchronous machine,
with the same efficiency as IE3 (high efficiency: GB2 level or above)
• High efficiency is achieved, miniaturization and lightweight.
• High power factor, capable of reducing equipment capacity

Typical applications
Replace asynchronous machine applicable to a variety of equipment,
to achieve high efficiency and miniaturization of equipment, saving space.
LGS/LG series AC permanent magnet servo motors
Performance characteristics
The series of motor has characteristics as follows:
• Superior smooth operation characteristics
• High speed regulation and positioning accuracy
• Fast dynamic response, low loss and high efficiency
• Natural cooling (IP65), air cooling (IP65) and water cooling (IP54) are available
• Various types of encoders, which can be provided according to the requirements,
and optional brakes

Typical applications
Packaging machinery, textile machinery, hydraulic servo machinery,
plastic machinery, handling machinery, robots and other industries.
LT series torque (permanent magnet) motor
Performance characteristics
• Low speed and high torque, suitable for advanced direct drive technology
• Minimal torque fluctuations
• Good positioning accuracy and repeatable accuracy
• Compact structure to save equipment space
• Low noise
• Water-cooling heat dissipation
• IP 54 level of protection
• Various encoders, which may be provided according to the demands of customers

Typical applications
Plastic machinery, machine tool turntable or rotary shaft, printing machinery, winding,
drawing machine, stretching table, woodworking machinery, punch, extrusion machinery and other industries.