Talent concept
The Company adheres to the professional ethics of "dedication, honesty, diligence, compliance with the law" and the enterprise spirit of "innovation, efficiency, service and harmony", which is also taken as the guiding principle of human resources work. We attach importance to the construction of talent echelon, especially the cultivation of young and middle-aged talents. We will combine the development plan of each employee's career to provide training opportunities and broad development space for talents. At the same time, we are also committed to providing a good, harmonious and progressive working atmosphere for all employees; actively carry out activities beneficial to the physical and mental health of employees, improve their comprehensive cultivation, enrich their cultural life, and stimulate their dedication, innovation and pioneering spirit and sense of ownership.
New jobs

1. College degree or above, no more than 35 years old;

2. Experience in purchasing electrical machinery plant or machinery industry is preferred.

Job requirements:

1. Purchase of motor raw materials;

2. Cost control of purchasing materials;

3. Development of newly developed materials;

4. Ordinary invoices are sorted into accounts;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the purchasing manager.

Way to apply: directly send resume
to hr mailbox lili@lego-motors.com