R&D center
  • Suzhou R&D center

    R&D is the basis for us to maintain advanced technology and competitive advantage. We always insist that our R&D direction must conform to the future direction of motor technology development.

  • Beijing R&D center

    In June 2017, a research and development center was established in Beijing, specializing in the research and development of passenger motor.

  • Guangzhou R&D center

    Guangzhou Permanent Magnet Motor Research and Development Center develops all kinds of AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous (Servo) motors for different industries.

  • Technology R&D
    • 2006

      Establish a company.

    • 2006-2007

      A series of special motors for air compressor and concrete mixer are developed.

    • 2007-2008

      Series development of special motors for yaw, cooling and lubrication systems of wind turbines.

    • 2008-2009

      Series development of special motors for air conditioning, cooling and braking systems in rail transit.

    • 2010-2011

      Series development of AC asynchronous and AC permanent magnet synchronous (servo) motors for wind turbine pitch control system.

    • 2010-2012

      Series development of AC permanent magnet synchronous motor for electric vehicles and special AC permanent magnet servo motors for processing centers, injection moulding machines, warp knitting machines, robots, packaging equipment, etc.

    • 2013-2014

      On the basis of continuing to improve and enrich the original product line, we will focus on developing special AC permanent magnet synchronous (servo) motor products for new energy vehicles, robots, brick press, ball mills and extruders.

    • 2014-2015

      With the continuous improvement and innovation of product quality, breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of permanent magnet motors used in new energy buses, and the market share has been continuously increased. The research and development of motors used in other related industries has also developed steadily.

    • 2015-2016

      We will continue to improve and enrich the development of new energy commercial vehicle motors and wind power propeller motor adapted to different customers and different configurations, and prepare for the development of new energy passenger vehicle motors.

    • 2016-2017

      Increase the development of new energy logistics vehicles and special vehicle motors, so that the company has 350NM-4800NM motor series products supporting capacity in the commercial vehicle industry; in order to enhance product competitiveness and optimize the design of products, a series of three-generation commercial vehicle motors were introduced; Beijing Research and Development Center was established to develop new energy passenger cars. Serialization of motor development; wind power pitch motor and yaw motor in export market continue to develop and improve product series.

    Manufacturing base